A year ago we launched Waterworks Beta with the goal of
reaching 15,000 families with safe drinking water technology.
With your help we have reached this goal; and today the parents and children of these 15,000 vulnerable families have access to technology that helps protect them from water-borne, life-threatening diseases. After reaching our initial goal, we’re now closing the beta test stage on the app, although we will continue to give you regular updates on the project and the impact of your contribution through
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The Waterworks Facebook page will also be the hub where we will soon announce our next round of programs and give you the chance to be one of the first involved. And our Waterworkers aren’t stopping – they will continue to monitor and support these families in their communities to maintain safe water drinking habits.

We are looking forward to bringing the next phase to you, and to those in need of safe drinking water, over the coming months. Thanks for all your help in bringing Waterworks to life!

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